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Thank you so much for our fantastic break away as a family. These times are full of memories and treasures that we can keep close to our hearts. Videos and pictures are very valuble to us all and you have given us the oppotunity to take lots. We all thank you for this xxx

Dee's Den

It's meant the world to me, it's the best holiday together we've had in 5 years. This Disease had really taken its toll on our marriage and at one point I didn't think we would survive as it take's control of your own life and those who live it but thank you Maria Hanson MBE it's made my husband a husband again and our marriage whole again

Daz's Den

Maria, the stay in your beautiful and comfortable caravan has been just wonderful and such a change from hospital and stress and worry and all that goes with that. You are wonderful and it is such a great thing that you are doing for so many families like ours. It makes a difference that you do it from your heart, it really does x

Dee's Den

“We’ve had such an amazing time here in the fantastic me&dee caravan – home from home! The quality time we have had here to grieve as a family has been healing. Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail in so touching and we are very grateful.

Thank you so much for inviting us to Mablethorpe. We have had such a wonderful time and have created many footprints in the sand. It has been lovely to spend time as a family without the interference of hospital regime. Just enjoying ‘normal time’ and creating our precious memories when our time together will be so short. It has been amazing, and I’m sure you have sprinkled your fairy dust here Maria x

Thank you so much for letting us use your lovely caravan. We did exactly what we wanted to do – making precious memories away from all that drags us down constantly at home and around hospital. We have created many footprints in the sand and send you much love from us all.

Maria, thank you for giving us a brief respite from the madness of terminal disease at home. It’s a lovely place, full of warmth and love and you have ensured our every need was met.

We cannot thank you enough for giving us a week of peace, laughter, and putting our family on a much needed even keel together. Bless you x

Maria, you have given us irreplaceable memories that we could never have achieved by ourselves. We will be forever grateful for all the kindness and the smiles you have created. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

“To Maria and me&dee  Thank you so very much for giving us the chance to create many more beautiful memories and lots of photos to cherish forever. The caravan is absolutely gorgeous and has felt just like home”. 

"Many charities give treats to children who are ill. My son had a treat from one of the major charities. To them he was just another child who was ill. To Maria, my son and all the children she has treated are family. Maria has an amazing ability to make a child feel so special and she works tirelessly to make sure the children get the best possible treat and experience. I am now proud to call Maria a friend. Me&Dee is a brilliant charity and touches the hearts of all who come into contact with it."

Brian H in Dee's Den

"They are amazing in their compassion and support of children with life shortening conditions and their families, providing special memories for loved ones."

Dave H

"Maria, I wanted to let you know how important you and Me&Dee have become in our life... I wanted to write and let you know exactly what makes you so special. Until we met you, we felt in a wilderness. There were many charities that catered for children with cancer. However, we always seemed to be outside these charities remits. We felt very alone.

The day we were introduced to you changed all that. From the very first moment I spoke to you, I felt that you understood. The treat that you arranged for him was amazing. He loved every second of it and he was truly grateful. What made it special was that Alex felt you personally were involved and you were interested in how his day went. Enough for him to want to arrange a fundraiser for Me&Dee even though he was still in recovery. He and his friends are currently arranging another one and for teenage boys that is amazing.

When I went to school to talk to the children about Me&Dee, I felt I was telling them about a friend. This is the thing that makes you and Me&Dee so unique. We don't simply get a wish, we get a wish and a friend for life, and through that friendship, we can recommend other people who not only need that wish, but who we know would benefit from coming into contact with you.

2010 was the worst year of my life. I had to endure things I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. But because of that, I met you and your wonderful charity and that was simply the highlight of the year. Don't ever change. What you have is unique and amazing. I am sure many other people will want to be part of your wonderful world, but please remember, the special part of this charity is you, and knowing that you are there whenever you are needed is a wonderful gift.

With much love"

Elaine R

"I love Me&Dee because they are non-discriminating. It is such a special charity touching the hearts of so many special people of all ages and backgrounds."

Jin R

"Meeting Maria changed my life. I don’t think I've ever met anyone so modest, so giving of their time and energy, and so inspirational. She makes people’s dreams come true and puts smiles back on faces in the toughest of times. In doing this she creates something that no one can take way – memories that people treasure forever. Arranging every detail perfectly matters to Maria which is what I believe makes her and the work she does so different. Both Maria and the charity Me&Dee deserve so much recognition for the fantastic work they do. I feel blessed to know her and to call her a friend, she’s truly amazing xxxx"

Karina L

"I really don’t know what else to say to you. You made all my children really beyond happy tonight and words fail me as Thank you really isn't enough. A fantastic memory ill treasure forever.

It meant a lot not to have to go through hoops to prove Cameron's illness - filling in long forms and having to accept that Cameron fits the stringent criteria's asked for - it was simple with Me&Dee, and personal, which meant a lot."

Louise B

"Never have I met anyone with so much compassion and heartfelt in my life. The energy and enthusiasm Maria has for this charity is and inspiration to each and every one of us. As a supporter of the Me&Dee charity, it is both a pleasure and an honour to be associated with such a worthwhile cause and to work with such a great team. This will be, I have no doubt, one of Britain’s biggest charities and I know that we will be part of it when it is."

Richard P

"Words to describe Me&Dee – caring, supportive, imaginative, loving, generous, committed, persona and family centres, efficient, cost effective, lacking in bureaucracy – one of the most incredible organisations I have ever come across, run by the most amazing woman I have ever met. A huge thank you to Me&Dee for the memories they have given us.

Me&Dee are just so honest and personal. They really care about the whole family, and all of this is done with absolute love. They are also one of the few charities that do not walk away and forget you when your child has died. I am so touched by the work that they do. This isn't a huge charity where there is no personal thought of care. It’s the little touches with Me&Dee that really count. I can’t thank them enough for their work.

Having only known Maria for a short time, her effort and commitment to what she truly believes in is a lesson to us all. Keep up the good work Maria and long may it continue."

Sam J L Lang. SJL Wealth Management

"Maria works so hard to make special moments happen. She deserves to be recognised."

Sarah P

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