It’s easy to support me&dee

Supporting me&dee has never been easier, below you will find several ways that you can contribute to us, helping us deliver our memory holidays.

Setting up an event

If you are setting up an event you can use the giving page that you prefer, me&dee are registered with all the listed pages, you can connect the charity to your chosen page, let us know about your event by emailing the team on and we will send you out our fundraiser pack.

Existing Events

If you are looking for an existing event, then please visit our event page and find the giving page from there and don’t forget, share it on your social media pages!

Our charity links

If you require any further information or you are having any trouble setting your page up, please contact our events team at, who will be happy to help you.

Proud of the memories we make

"We cannot thank you enough for giving us a week of peace,
laughter, and putting our family on a much needed even keel together."