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Our Bespoke Wellbeing Treat Packs

As a result of the covid pandemic our lodge was closed and we were unable to provide the holidays to our families. Our Founder, Maria Hanson along with our fund finder, Katy Nettleton applied for a grant from CAF, (Charities Aid Foundation), to provide families with a pack that would be  bespoke to age, gender, and ability of each individual child.

Fortunately, CAF  awarded the funding for the project for a six month period and packs have been delivered to much appreciative families during the recent lockdown. To say they have been a massive hit is an understatement with our little teddy being a total favourite, giving and receiving lots of ‘bear hugs’. It has a message saying, “while we can’t give a real hug, we can send you a bear hug”. 

We are so pleased that we have been able to deliver these gifts of joy to our families.  This last year has been hard on everyone but imagine having the weight of added pressure when your loved ones are fighting their own personal battles as well.

So, why do we need your help? As we have said, the funding was for six months and we now want to carry on providing these to so many more families who need our support and this will run along side our family holidays as we hopefully get back to a bit of normality.

Each full set costs £25.00 with each pack being bespoke to each child and their needs. The rucksack, bear and notebook are fixed items, and will  contain a mix of some of the following items:

1. Rucksack
2. Teddy bear in ‘my bear hug t shirt’.
3. Paint your own bird feeder, a family activity.
4. Grown your own – child centred seed kits, family activity.
5. Paint your own windchime. Personal. Relaxing sound of the chimes.
6. Notebook, for writing concerns, thoughts, wishes and dreams. 
7. Family pack containing hot chocolate mix in cones for the whole family and pack of home made biscuits; encouragement to sit and have family time.

If you can help us to maintain  this gift we can carry on delivering the packs, and ensure the ethos of me&dee,  to bring  smiles and create memories.


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