How you can help me&dee?

Now that we have secured the lodge at Sherwood Hideaway and our very successful 20/20 vision project has ended people are asking what’s next, feet up and relax?
Well unfortunately that’s not the answer, we now need to continue to raise funds to run the charity on a day to day basis and fund the memory holidays for our families.

Like any charity me&dee need funds to deliver the services that we offer, and we can’t do that without the continued support of individuals and companies who believe in the work we do.

So, what we have done is highlight some costs for you below and put them in to different size affordable packages, packages that make a difference to the families we support.

Buy a ‘Hope’ memory gift

Hope, our memory elephant is gifted to the person that is the reason the family are taking a memory break, the person, a child or an adult, that is or has battled against life changing illness.

Hope is not only very cuddly, but she also has a zip in her ear with memory notes, slips of special paper that they can write their thoughts and wishes on, a lasting memory.

We need 100 Hope’s a year and she costs us £25.00 per family, help us fill in the squares below, donate your Hope and please remember to send the receiving family a short message when you are going through the ordering process.

When we leave Hope for the family your message will be on a gift tag around her neck, loosely tied of course.

Buy a Memory Box

The me&dee memory box is a welcome gift that is left for the family, a gift of useful items, a gift of trinkets and treasure for them to take home, to remember the time they had together at the Lodge.

Every family receives this memory box, so we need 100, each box costs us £25, help us fill in the squares below, donate your Memory Box and please remember to send the receiving family a short message when you are going through the ordering process.

When we leave the Memory Box for the family your message will be written on a gift tag and tied to the box.

It’s 2022, we need your help again.

It’s a New Year and the fantastic response we had from people and companies in 2021 was just fantastic. So we begin again, our quest to provide these lovely memory gifts once again depends on the generosity of our supporter’s.

Leave a message (Optional)

For every gift given, smiles and memories are made, thank you for helping us deliver them, don’t forget, you have the option to leave a message for the family when you are checking out. Write a short message in the ‘Additional Information’ box and we will add that to the tag that is left with the gift.

Remember,  when you donate a memory gift you have created memories for our families and you have become one of our  #memorymakers, thank you.

Purchase a Hope Memory Gift


We still need: 45

Purchase a Memory Gift Box


We still need: 82

Our Amazon Wish List

This is a great way to donate something  that helps us create the long lasting memories at our new Lodge at Sherwood Hideaway. If you click on the logo opposite it will take you straight through to our Wish List, a list that contains things that will make a difference to our families when they use our ‘Forever Home’.

The list is updated regularly by Maria and don’t forget to use Smile Amazon, check out our ‘support us’ page to find out more, so that a percentage of what you spend also comes to me&dee.

Proud of the memories we make

"We cannot thank you enough for giving us a week of peace,
laughter, and putting our family on a much needed even keel together."