ZOOM catch-up!

We know a lot of you have been attending online meetings and going forward it’s really important to make sure we keep our connections up to date, to be there for people who may just need that little bit of help or advice.
Within our network of contacts, we have a vast amount of experience and it’s that experience and expertise that just might be something that you are looking for.

So here we go………………..Do you fancy a catch-up?

Our networking group, Not Another Networking Group is going to ZOOM you together for an informal catch up, do you fancy it? These will be limited attendances as we don’t want to overcrowd the screen so if you fancy attending please email events@meanddee.co.uk

What we need from you

Firstly, we don’t need your money, these catch ups are free!
Secondly, when you email, tell us your preferred date and time and we will assign you your seat for the meeting and send you the meeting invite. We have two dates set up, but we will add dates if the demand dictates it.
June 2nd – 3.00pm until 4.00pm
June 4th – 10.00am until 11.00pm

These meetings will develop going forward and will be held on the Zoom platform, we look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you Zoon.

Business Networking in Derby

Not Another Networking Group was set up to support and promote businesses in and around Derby while at the same time promoting me&dee charity, introducing and informing people about the work the charity does.

The group has grown since it’s launch back in early 2018 at Las Iguanas in Derby, who gave us fantastic service and support.

As time went on we outgrew Las Iguanas and we decided that a new venue was needed, somewhere that we could meet as a group and grow further. The Farmhouse at Mackworth contacted us for something totally different.

They wanted to support me&dee over Christmas, and after meeting Rob and Brit, not only had we got support over Christmas but  a new venue for our meetings.

The group continues to grow and we have between 30/40 business people attend our monthly meeting, doing business together, learning some hints and tips from our specialist presentations.

Here are the dates of our meetings for 2020 (All meetings suspended due to Covid 19)

June 30th 2020 – July 28th 2020 – August 25th 2020 – September 29th 2020
October 27th 2020 – November 24th 2020

What happens at the meetings?

Our meetings are run in a relaxed atmosphere, so you once you have been welcomed by a team member and booked in you can then pick up your complementary drink and engage in some social networking.

It’s great to catch up with people you may already know and meet new business people that you haven’t.

Your food will be served around 6.15pm, depending on numbers this can be around 6.30pm, you can then take your seat at your chosen table, to continue your conversations.

If we have a guest speaker for the evening it is at this point that they give their 20 minute talk, these presentations are generally informative and give people tips and hints that they in turn, can use within their businesses.

After our guest speaker has finished and any questions answered you will be then invited to introduce yourself and tell people about your business, a 60 seconds presentation if you like.

To round the evening up, the business card you gave to the team when you arrived is entered in to a business card draw which is drawn along with the raffle we run to raise funds for me&dee.

All in all a fantastic way to relax and enjoy some great company and hook up with like minded business people with the added bonus of great food and drink.

Is there a membership fee?

The simple answer is NO we don’t charge a membership fee, this is a pay as you go networking group, if you book in you pay a fee BUT please note; unfortunately once you have booked in refunds cannot be given, once you have booked, you have booked.

Proud of the memories we make

"We cannot thank you enough for giving us a week of peace,
laughter, and putting our family on a much needed even keel together."