Zipwire for me&dee

Sophie and Shannon who work at The Farmhouse at Mackworth, one of the charities biggest supporters, wanted to raise money for the charity, following in the steps of Rob and Lyon who raised funds earlier in the year.
So, they came up with a trip to Wales where the longest zipwire in Europe is based, Penrhyn Slate Quarry. They are going to travel at 100mph across the disused quarry at a height of 500m, over a distance of 1555m and all in the name of charity.

Why did Sophie and Shannon want to raise money for me&dee?

“We are so happy to support me&dee as they do so many amazing things for those who need support. The holidays they give allow families to spend time with each other making memories when the time they have left together is short, something that many of us take for granted.

We think that me&dee are an amazing charity and we need more people like Maria to make sure that families have the support they deserve when they are facing such hard times.

We can’t wait to raise as much money for this charity as we can because Shannon and myself are proud to support me&dee".

If you would like to support Sophie and Shannon, their adventure is on the 4th September 2019, you can sponsor them on their GoFundMe page


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