Zip-Wire Challenge Completed

Welsh Zip-Wire tamed!

It's been a few weeks now since Sophie and Shannon completed their fantastic fundraising event for me&dee by zooming down the longest zipwire in the UK at over 100mph!

The girls had an amazing day and have raised £214.59 for the charity, thank you to them and all their supporters.

Sophie and Shannon said; 'We had a fantastic day, it's something that we had wanted to do so when we finally booked it we then wanted to raise some money for me&dee as we love what the charity does for families'.

The girls continued; 'Thanks so much to everyone who sponsored the both of us, we are really pleased with the total amount'.

The Charity Founder and CEO, Maria Hanson MBE said; 'We can't do what we do without people like Sophie and Shannon and the amount they raised was amazing, thank you girls'.


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