Walking from Nottingham too Bondi Beach

April 25th until 24th December 2019

After starting on the 25th April the team have walked 8,505 miles which is a fantastic achievement, the people listed below have been working hard to cover the total mileage of 10,542 so well over half way!

After setting themselves a target of £2,000 they have so far raised a total of £880 online which is fantastic! If you would like to support them please visit their new giving page, which is now on Wonderful

Here are the people taking part, people that are part of the 4 Networking groups that have pledged their time and energy to raise money for families to have a memory making holiday.

Here is the website link, a website that was donated by Paul Drake, you can keep up with how far the team has got and see the full story of just why these lovely people got together.

Vicky Stanton – Marion Parrish – Scott Kempin
Debbie Barratt – Susan Grainger
Marie Ellis – Deirdre Westwood – Lorraine Holden
Wendy Mitchell – Lucy Trevelyan – Kathryn Rodgers
Chris Brown – Karen Hannon – Terry Dorr – Mick Wain
Debbie Goodlip – Angela Richardson – Paul Drake


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Proud of the memories we make

"We cannot thank you enough for giving us a week of peace,
laughter, and putting our family on a much needed even keel together."