Too Bondi and Back

They’ve only gone and done it!

The team of 19 that set off to virtual walk from Nottingham too Bondi Beach have made it, not only to Bondi Beach but back again! Measured on their walking apps their progress was tracked on a website created by the fantastic Paul Drake, this hardy bunch of people have raised an amazing £2,528.00.

Marion Parrish and Vicky Stanton were the ones that came up with the idea, to walk too Bondi Beach from Nottingham, no mean feat but having the other 17 people (There were 21 to start with but unfortunately two people had to drop out) as support the miles were divided up between them on off they set.

A target finish line was set for Christmas Eve 2019, 10 of the team achieved this target and the rest achieved their miles in January 2020 with a total of 17,493 miles being covered. One of the walkers, Deirdre Westwood, walked 1,854 miles in 8 months, at an average of 7.5 miles a day!!!

This is amazing, me&dee can’t thank these wonderful people enough, to commit to walking all these miles, mostly on a day to day basis, on their own, is something they all should be proud of, thanks to each and every one of you.

Some of the Bondi Walkers


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