Rob & Lyon take on X Runner

A fantastic achievement

An update on Rob Hattersley and Lyon Swain's adventure doing the X Runner on April 6th at the beautiful Osmaston Manor.

The good news is that they both made it around with only a few aches and pains for a few days afterwards.

Rob said, “It was all ok, a little challenging, but we made it and we are both really happy with what we have raised for me&dee”. “As I have said since meeting and working along side Maria and Mark, to support them so that they can deliver these much-needed memory holidays is an honour”.

Maria said, “Since meeting Rob and all of his staff the relationship we have struck up has been lovely and the support they have given us is truly heart-warming and we can’t thank them enough”.

Rob and Lyon have so far raised an amazing £899.09, Rob added, “After setting a target of £400 we are absolutely thrilled with the amount we have raised, you can still donate, it’s not too late”.

There is another event later this year, do you fancy raising funds?

If you fancy getting a team together and entering next year, here is a link with more information


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