Miles for Smiles 2022

Miles for Smiles Support me&dee again

In 2021 The Miles for Smiles team walked 300 miles from Edinburgh to Woodville raising over £50,000 for me&dee. The five team members, Callum, Jordan, Simone, Nick and Joe walked with injuries and pain to fulfil their own goals and raising a tremendous amount of money.

The Miles for Smiles support team, Wardy and Matt were also there and let’s not forget the families of these wonderful people who had to keep things together at home while the walk was going on.

Their journey ended at The Greyhound Inn in Woodville with a fabulous turnout from family, friends and supporters cheering them in as the walked up Ashby road to their finishing post with a well deserved pint waiting for them, memories being made with smiles, laughter and a few tears.

A few weeks later we all met up and the final cheque was presented to us at The Greyhound Inn a total of just over £46,000.  We next met the team at the annual me&dee Ball in November 2021 and once again there was laughter and tears as we said our goodbyes to the team and their partners and wished them all the best for 2022, a final total of £51,592.69!

You can see in the video below just what emotions everyone went through in 2021, absolutely amazing team of people led by one of the kindest and warm hearted men you could ever wish to meet, Callum Worker.

So, that leads us to a January evening in 2022 when we were invited to a dinner appointment with the MFS team, a last farewell if you like. But the MFS team had done what is usually done by me&dee, they had led Maria and Mark in to an ambush, (A nice Ambush), were they announced that me&dee had once again been chosen as their charity of the year for the second year running!

This news alone caused more tears, tears of joy, to once again have been chosen was to say the least, as emotional as it gets!

The journey this year will take the team, Callum, Jordan, Joe and Nick covering 440 miles, visiting 33 football grounds in just 16 days! Your support will be most welcome to the team and as last year, your support will mean the world to them. The dates are being confirmed and we will have an updated list of dates for you soon, the poster tells you what grounds they will be visiting.

me&dee are so humbled to be once again in these peoples lives, to be chosen again means the world, because of this teams support last year we were able to double the amount of families we could help one way or another. It is a privilege and an honour to be able to share your journey once again, thank you Miles For Smiles.

If you would like to support Miles for Smiles please follow this link to their JustGiving Page.


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