Bespoke Well-Being Packs

Bringing smiles and memories to the doorstep

An idea that was born out of being unable to give the family holidays during 2020 due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

During the last year we have seen many charities adapting from their core purpose such as starting to set up or deliver food boxes. me&dee have always concentrated on the emotional well-being of families going through extremely difficult and challenging times. We have never been a charity that would just do one thing for a family and then move onto the next, we continue to care and support.

Families targeted for the bespoke Well-being packs

Children and families initially targeted for the Well-being packs were those who have previously had a vacation either at the Mablethorpe or Sherwood Hideaway Lodge.

This was then extended to families who had sadly had their booked holiday at our Sherwood Lodge cancelled due to Covid-19.

Lastly, new families meeting our criteria of a life threatening, shortening, or terminal condition who are continually being referred onto us.

Bespoke Well-being packs with a difference

With knowing every family well and specifically their individual needs, it was important to us to ensure that every well-being pack was bespoke to them.

The packs do have generic items such as a me&dee teddy, but then also have items specific to a child’s age, gender, and accessibility.

Every pack contains: a reusable rucksack with the me&dee logo on, me&dee my bear in a hug t-shirt, pen, scribble book.

There is also a family pack of handmade biscuits, hot chocolate, and marshmallows for the whole family to have a special personal time all together.

Packs of Fun

These items we provide have longevity and are fantastic fun for the children to experience and do.

Items such as growing flowers and vegetables or the bird feeders give the children endless pleasure and develop a sense of curiosity in the world around them.

Other activities such the scribble and colouring books tell a story over time and will provide memories of what has been done along with developing find motor skills.

How can you help?

The cost of one of these well-being packs is £25.00 but as you can imagine, the joy and smiles they create are there for all to see.

With your help we can keep this going, running along side the family holidays, this effective gift will not only create the smiles but will help families make those precious memories together, become a memory maker and donate a pack to one of our families.

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