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2017 Mablethorpe Half Marathon Walk


Once again Debbie Prince, our Mablethorpe Queen, put this event together and raised £4,949.63

A fantastic acheivement from the 37 walkers that took part, a massive thank you from all at me&dee xx

Debbie added her thanks to the following people and organisations that helped out on the day:

Michael Rowley, Jackie Walton, Karen Course, Sharon Ellis, Esther Mallabar, Nigel Dawson, Michala Davies-Kearsley, Rachel Devereux, Sally Devereux, Linda Wright, Donna Batchelor, Anne Batchelor, Marion Hoodless, Kath Barker, Anna Augelli-postlethwaite, Sonia DeBell, Sarah Straw, Ann Knight, Sue Addy, Sharon Meredith Pugh Lydia Pugh, Julie Harris, Valerie Dewberry, Phil Dewberry, Vicky Louise Lang, John Quill, Kate Merritt, Lily Hurren Lee Jenkinson, Dean Batchelor, Tanya Smith, Hayley Orme, Phil Reed, Sarah Jackson, Helen Denton, John Burke Brida Burke.

A huge thanks to Alison Green and Debs Barker for making loads of cakes to sell. Huge thanks to Stuart Parris and Alison Green husband Chris for being the marshalls and looking after us. Janet Wild husband Ian for coming out to do the Health and Safety checks and for helping put up and take down all the signs. Thanks to Valerie for the rocky road cake for all the walkers. Thanks to Paul A Denton for taking the photos. Anita Marbrow Mick Coles for your support and last but by no means least Paddy Prince Carl Richardson from The Dunes Complex for providing water and sweets for all the walkers and for giving us the biggest reception when we finished at The Dunes Complex.


Debbie xxxx


Debbie as we know her!


2017 Total, Amazing!

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