The Guilder Family

The Guilder family have been a me&dee family for sometime now, Poppy was diagnosed with a Brain tumor when she was just 14 months old and has battled ever since.

Recently her family, Mum Lisa, Dad Brian, Poppy, Lily and Ella, enjoyed a short break at our caravans in Mablethorpe and Maria arranged it so that they could take along Nanna Guilder and Brian's sister Julie, making memories together.

They enjoyed a lovely break away and spent a lot of time down at our beach hut, giving them a base at the beach and Queens Park which the kids loved.

Lisa said, “me&dee are a truly wonderful charity who have brought us so many smiles and have helped us create some magical memories".

“It was just lovely to be able to take Nanny Guilder and Julie, Nany even got to walk in the sea. Thank you so much to our wonderful fairy godmother, Maria, we love you". xxxxx


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Proud of the memories we make

"We cannot thank you enough for giving us a week of peace,
laughter, and putting our family on a much needed even keel together."