Memories Made

When we arrange our memory making holidays, it can be a race against time for families facing incredibly short futures together, and we are so gratified that we can create these smiles and memories for partners, parents and children who sadly, died from an incurable or  terminal condition so shortly after their break. We continue to give support to our families/parents/partners who have gone through bereavement.


Mum, Katie, sadly died shortly after her holiday with husband Neil and daughter Delilah. They had a few days away at the seaside in Mablethorpe before returning home for Katie to move into palliative care.



Tom’s cancer was diagnosed at stage 4 rapidly and with a short life span prognosis. We acted quickly to ensure that Tom had time away with his wife and sons. Sadly, this photo was taken on the Sunday, Tom returned to hospital the following day and died from cancer 4 days after this photo was taken.


Little Billie has spent most of her short life in hospital. We are always aware of the impact for siblings in this situation and with the need to act quickly, arranged an overnight stay at CBeebies land at Alton Towers for Billie, her sister and mommy and daddy. They were able to make some wonderful memories with the CBeebies characters visiting their room to read bedtime stories, and lots of activities over the two days, in which to gather many photos and videos.



We have known Tilly though me&dee for several years, and she has a big place in our hearts. She has spent so much time in hospital, in and out of treatment for a brain tumour, since a tiny little girl. Tilly was able to make memories at the seaside with her family, and at Alton Towers before so very sadly, she became very poorly and died in June 2019.



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Proud of the memories we make

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