Jack Driver

Jack Driver, mum Helen and sister Freya with partner Chris who has M.S and his two sons.

Jack has A Plastic Anemia. It is a very serious condition, it is a disease in which the bone marrow, and the blood stem cells that reside there, are damaged. This causes a deficiency of all three blood cell types and platelets Aplastic refers to inability of the stem cells to generate the mature blood cells. Jack has had to have over 200 blood transfusions, bone marrow transplant and has re occurring kidney problems.

Through donations given to Me & Dee, Jack and his family were able to have their first family holiday altogether and have lots of fun in the beach hut provided to ensure lots of time could be enjoyed on the beach with the base there. They had a holiday on the Haven site in Mablethorpe which also included a fun works pass at no charge and a voucher for buying start up groceries. A trip on the sand train was also included – lots of smiles, photographs and memories. Rucksacks with age appropriate toys and games were given to all of the children.

Being able to spend time away at Mablethorpe was just what we needed. Time away from hospital and treatment plans, time to just be a normal family making memories. Maria is an amazing lady and the special touches she does makes such a huge difference and means so much. Jack’s condition isn’t recognized by the majority of charities but me&dee (Maria) wrapped her arms around us and stopped us feeling so isolated.

Helen, Jack’s Mum


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