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Document Network Services donate regularly to various charities but, for some time, we had been looking for a cause to work with consistently as our Chosen Charity. During a chance meeting, our Managing Director Darren Marsh heard the story of local charity me&dee and that was it, a new partnership was made.

Darren wanted to do more than just support a charity in a conventional way, “We could have just set up a standing order for me&dee and I’m sure they would have been very grateful, but we want to do more than that.”

“We want to connect on a more personal level with every member of our team being involved, knowing the charity, and understanding why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

A kind donation

Mark, Ash and the team announced at the February Not Another Networking Group event that they had decided to choose me&dee as their preferred charity for 2020.

When it came to AVIT Media picking a charity to support for 2020 it was as easy decision. Ash & Mark have known Maria for over 9 years and worked with her on many projects in the past.

So at the beginning of 2020 we all met up in a local pub for a few drinks and a casual meeting to discuss moving forward together.

After a productive chat and reminiscing about the past we decided to become a diamond sponsor for the charity, and provide our services and to help me&dee grow throughout 2020.

We are looking forward to what the future holds together and can not wait to make 2020 a success for everyone involved.

Our founder, Maria Hanson MBE said, ‘I am so delighted to go full circle from 9 years ago and be supported by Mark, Ash and the team from ‘AVIT Media.

We have worked together on huge events such as our Narnia children’s party 8 years ago, and through photography and video at various annual balls and other events.

Their announcement at NANG has been amazing. We shall have a professional, fun and exhilarating partnership which will showcase me&dee on a new and exciting platform.

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