Me&Dee offers sea side breaks in Mablethorpe to create treasured memories
when time is short and precious


Holidays are for anyone, of any age, with any serious and

life threatening condition.


Referrals? Applications must be endorsed by medical staff and applied for by email to Please note that these are not wheelchair accessible holiday

caravans, and all of the school holidays for 2014 are fully booked.


If you would like to donate to me&dee , you can visit

or you can contact us here. Please contact us for any information on nominating
for holidays, or for offering support. You can also visit
our supporters page for further information.


A picture of maria hanson and her cousin dee


Registered Charity 1146147





My name is Maria Hanson and I created me&dee as a registered charity in 2006.  

As a disabled woman, I know only too well how treats can become the bottom of a priority

list. My very close cousin Delia and I often spoke about this, and how we would like to set up our own charity providing low cost holidays for when time is short and precious, concious of the magical memory making experience this could be in creating special moments.


Sadly, Delia lost her battle with cancer in 2005 before we could achieve our dreams together. I carry her and our dream in my heart, and six years on, me&dee is creating over 200 special moments a year, and in addition is supporting oncology wards in hospitals and in hospices with nominations, and our ‘comfort pack scheme’.




Maria is a finalist for the Midlands Business Awards 2014

and the Derby Telegraph Awards 2014.


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"you can shed tears that they are gone, or you can smile

because they lived, you can cry and close your mind,

be empty and turn your back. Or you can do what

they would your eyes...

love...and go on".


Maria Hanson
01332 863 827 - Mobile: 07834 546 496